Male Dog Names Starting with the Letter A

One of the most confounding yet exciting parts of one’s parenting journey is finding a suitable name. It does not matter whether your baby is a human or a dog. You will find yourself and your family members bickering all day long over a mere name. However, such petty arguments are, in fact, this name searching task’s specialty as you see your whole family sit together and spend some quality time with each other. Such a treat for the eyes, right?

However, this name searching task can drastically change from a fun activity into a stressful one if you cannot find that one perfect name for your pup. So, ascertain that you incorporate the suggestions of all your family members, even kids. Prepare a list of the suggested names. If you still can’t find a suitable name for your dog, do not worry. That is why we are here.

Points to Remember before Naming Your Dog

To get started with your dog’s name searching mission, you first need to select a particular alphabet as your dog’s first letter. It will somehow narrow down this broad and vague process as you will become capable of choosing a handful of names from such a vast amount of options. Once you have selected an alphabet for your dog’s name, follow the tips given below to make your name-finding task more straightforward and less confusing.

  1. Select a vowel sounding name: It is a proven fact that a dog’s ability to differentiate between frequency changes is much more than human beings. As vowel-sounding names tend to change tones, you will quickly get your dog to respond to you by just calling its name.
  2. Names with two syllables are perfect: While selecting a name for your dog, you must remember that you have to consistently use it to make your pup memorize its name. Choosing a lengthy dog name won’t allow you to be consistent as you will get tired of using the same word multiple times and eventually end up shortening it.
  3. Do not select a name that has a negative connotation: You may want to choose a funny or ironic name for your dog based on its activities. However, not all people will take such names as a joke. For example, most people won’t like to give affection to a pup whose name is “Cujo.”
  4. Select an uncommon dog name: If you have another dog, do not give the new puppy a name that is too similar to the former. In fact, your new dog’s name must not be identical to anyone at your home, neither your family members nor your other pets. It can generate significant pandemonium at your home. Besides that, choose a unique dog name so that when you shout your dog’s name at a public place, other dogs do not come running to you.
  5. Avoid selecting a name that sounds like a command: Don’t call your pup by a name that can lead it to confuse with an order. For example, names like “Ray” and “Bo” can be mistaken for commands like “Stay” and “No” respectively. Therefore, before you plan to name your dog, think about the command words you will frequently use. Once you are done selecting the basic commands, give your dog a different sounding name.
  6. Take a “Nickname Test:” It is entirely normal to name your dog after legendary characters and famous cartoon dogs. However, if the name is a long one, you are bound to get tired of using it every time you call your pup. Therefore, when you choose a name for your puppy, try to shorten those names and use them to get your dog’s attention. You can come up with several short forms of your dog’s name and try each of them. It will enable you to choose the most comfortable to pronounce nicknames for your pup.
  7. Consider your pup’s behavior and personality: It is essential to select a name that suits your dog’s personality. Otherwise, imagine how embarrassing it will be if you make the mistake of naming your rough and tough German shepherd, “Poodles.”
  8. Be consistent with the name: According to experts, you must name your dog within the first two months of adoption. Once you have selected your pup’s name, you must be consistent with it. Using a different name or nickname each time you call your puppy will create confusion. Consequently, your dog won’t respond to you at all. Even though making some minor changes one or two times for easy pronunciation won’t lead to world destruction, you must ascertain that you reinforce the name effectively.

Male Dog Names Starting with the Alphabet A

Here is a list of some of the most unique, trendy, and meaningful names beginning with the letter A for your new puppy.

  1. AJ
    You can use this name as a shorter version of anything. You can name your dog “AJ” based on the first letters of its parents’ name, say “Apron” and “Julie.” Besides that, if you are an ardent fan of  WWE, you must love AJ Styles. You can name your canine after your preferred wrestler.
  2. Aaron
    If you know Moses’s story, you must know that Aaron was his elder brother, right- hand man, a high priest, and a prophet. Besides that, many famous personalities have this name. If you are an ardent baseball fan, you must know Hank Aron. Then there’s Aaron Lennon, the famous English professional footballer.
  3. Abel
    According to the “Book of Genesis,” Abel was Adam and Eve’s second son. He is considered the first martyr in Christianity, and Jesus described him as “righteous.”
  4. Abdul
    If you are a Los Angeles Lakers fan, you must love Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Why not consider naming your pup after him?
  5. Ace
    The word is informally used to refer to a person who has mastered specific sports or activities. If you think your dog can become the genius of particular sports or activities, you must consider this name.
  6. Acorn
    It is the fruit of the oak tree that symbolizes potential and strength. Such qualities are present in all puppies. So, you must consider this name.
  7. Adam
    Who doesn’t know Adam, the first man? The name will be especially relevant if you are a first-time dog parent.
  8. Admiral
    Admiral tends to be one of the top ranks of the Navy. Besides that, it is the nickname of David Maurice Robinson, the famous American basketball professional who played in the NBA for the San Antonio Spurs.
  9. Aesop
    Who doesn’t know about Aesop’s Fables? This Greek storyteller talked about the foolish nature of human beings and the animals’ wisdom. As you start raising your pup, you will definitely understand the relevance of his stories.
  10. Adonis
    If you are well-aware of Greek mythology, you must know Adonis, the God of desire and beauty. A perfect name for your dog if you consider it beautiful.
  11. Agua
    In Spanish, it means “Water.” A perfect name for your Golden retriever or Labrador retriever. If you own one of them, you must know how easily they mold themselves with their surroundings.
  12. Afro
    It refers to a thick and tightly curled hairstyle. It symbolizes the pride of black people. The name is a tricky one and, therefore, won’t suit all dogs. So, think before you give this name to your dog.
  13. Aiden
    You can give this name to your dog as a derivative of the Irish word “Aidan.” It means “intelligent,” “fiery one,” or “little fiery one.” An ideal name for your highly intelligent and energetic pup.
  14. Ahab
    According to the Bible, he was the seventh king of the northern territory of Israel. If you are well-aware of the Biblical accounts, you must remember him and the resolute whaling captain.
  15. Ajax
    He was the Trojan War’s fast-footed Greek hero. You can consider this name if your dog is a fast runner.
  16. Aikman
    If you are an ardent fan of the Dallas Cowboys, you must love Troy Aikman. Why not name your furry friend after your favorite footballer?
  17. Alex
    You can give this name to your dog as a short form for Alexander. Besides that, if you are an ardent fan of Alex Telles, the  Brazilian football player, you can name your pup after him.
  18. Alberto
    In Spanish, it means bright and noble. If your dog exhibits all these qualities, you must name him Alberto.
  19. Alfie
    If you have watched the American TV series “My brother and me” that aired on Nickelodeon in the 1990s, you must be familiar with Alfie, the elder brother of Dee-Dee. If you are one of the 90s kids, it will be like reliving your childhood.
  20. Alf
    If you are an ardent fan of this American sitcom TV series of the 1980s and 1990s, why not relive it through your dog?
  21. Alistair
    If you are a gamer, you must have played “League of Legends.” Consequently, the name doesn’t need much elaboration. If you are not into video games, it is better to move on. The name doesn’t have much relevance for you.
  22. Ali
    Who doesn’t know Mohammad Ali, “The Greatest? “You must take this name into account if you are an ardent boxer fan.
  23. Alp
    The vast European mountain range stretches across eight countries: Switzerland, France, Italy, Monaco, Austria, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, and Germany.
  24. Alomar
    Who doesn’t know this famous Puerto Rican MLB (Major League Baseball ) player?
  25. Alvin
    If you are an “Alvin and the Chipmunks” fan, you must consider this name for your pup.
  26. Alpha
    It is the first letter of the Greek alphabet series and a symbol of first occurrence and strength.
  27. Ames
    It is a city in Iowa, United States, and is noted for the Iowa State University.
  28. Amadeus
    The name is derived from two Latin terms, Ama meaning “to love” and Deus meaning “god.” Together they mean “love god.” One of the most famous persons known by this name was music composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
  29. Amos
    Born in 745 BCE, his name appears in the Old Testament as the third prophet among the “Twelve Minor Prophets.”
  30. Amit
    It is a popular name for boys in Israel and India. It means “boundless” or “infinite” in Hindi. The name is perfect for describing your dog’s boundless energy.
  31. Andretti
    Who doesn’t know Mario Andretti, one of the most excellent racing drivers of all time?
  32. Andre
    It serves as the first name for various famous personalities. The exciting part is that those personalities are from diverse backgrounds such as Andre Agassi (Tennis player), Andre Iguodala (basketball player).
  33. Andy
    You can use this name as a shorter version for Andrew (see below).
  34. Andrew
    The name has been derived from the Greek word “Andreas,” which is concerned with the term “Aner” or “Andros,” meaning “man.” Therefore, the name “Andrew” means “manly.” You can call your Poodles Andrew to convince yourself and others that it is a real “man.”
  35. Ansel
    You can name your dog after the famous American landscape photographer Ansel Adams who captured the American West’s beautiful black and white photographs.
  36. Angus
    Well, if you love Angus burger, you can name your pooch after your preferred dish. But ascertain that you don’t end up feeding on your dog.
  37. Anton
    It is a typical European first name that implies something “too precious” or “priceless.”
  38. Antic
    It refers to something attention-seeking, grotesque, or bizarre. If the meaning reminds you of your dog, you must think of considering it.
  39. Apollo
    If you are well-aware of Greek mythology, you must know one of the most complicated gods. You can call him the master of almost all trades. He is the God of poetry, music, art, plague, prophecies, medicines, etc.
  40. Apache
    Who doesn’t know one of the most versatile, resilient, and reliable US military helicopters? If your dog exhibits all these qualities, you can consider Apache, the perfect name for your pup.


You may have understood by now that the names given in the list mentioned above are not just some pleasant-sounding words. Each of them has a distinct meaning and is relevant to dogs of diverse personalities. It is not to claim that you will find that one perfect name for your dog on this page only. However, if you go through the list with an open mind, you may get some ideas and inspirations for your dog’s name. Just remember the eight essential tips mentioned above, and you may just end up with a perfect name for your dog.