Male Names For Dogs Starting With G

Dogs are the most loyal friend a human being could have. They are sensitive, emotional, and extremely understanding. Above all, their love is unconditional. Bringing them home is like having a newborn baby, completely innocent, and without an ounce of deception.

However, just like a newborn baby’s parent, novice dog owners are often confused about what to call their new downy baby. Some of them name their pups after famous cartoon characters like Bruno, Goofy, etc. Others use the names of memorable characters from history, myths, legends, and literature. Besides that, some people name their dogs based on their unique characteristics.

However, one must take into account certain factors before naming their pup. It is because the latter’s response will depend on the type of name itself.

Points to Remember Before Selecting a Dog’s Name

Following are some of the points you must remember before naming your dog:

  1. Select a name that’s convenient to shout aloud.
  2. The name must be unique to your pup. It shouldn’t be similar to any of your other pets or family members.
  3. Avoid using slow and lengthy names. Dogs find it challenging to respond to them. Choose a short and rough-sounding name.
  4. Names having two syllables like Hudson, Lucky, Rocky, etc. are preferable as studies show that dogs find it easier to respond to such two-syllabled names.

List of Male-dog Names Beginning with G

Male dog Names Beginning with G

Here is a list of names for male dogs starting with the alphabet “G.” Studies show that dogs are more responsive to non-palatized (hard) consonants. Therefore, only those names are mentioned here that begins with the hard “G.”For example, words like “gun,” “game,” etc. start with the hard “G.” While terms like “giraffe,” “gym,” etc. begin with the soft or palatized “G.”

  1. Gordon
  2. Griffin
  3. Gary
  4. Gabriel
  5. Galant
  6. Gerry
  7. Glenny
  8. Gabe
  9. Garrett
  10. Gizmo
  11. Gunner
  12. Gambit
  13. Goku
  14. Gremlin
  15. Gladstone
  16. Galileo
  17. Gallup
  18. Galton
  19. Galvin
  20. Garrick
  21. Galway
  22. Garlic
  23. Gavin
  24. Gerik
  25. Gibson
  26. Gilbert
  27. Godfrey
  28. Godzilla
  29. Goblin
  30. Gomez
  31. Gonzo
  32. Goober
  33. Grady
  34. Granite
  35. Graham
  36. Greko
  37. Greely
  38. Grendel
  39. Grisley
  40. Grizzly
  41. Grouper
  42. Grover
  43. Guppy
  44. Guinness
  45. Gunther
  46. Guru
  47. Gumball
  48. Gumdrop
  49. Garland
  50. Gambler


The list mentioned above contains enough names starting with “G” to help you select a suitable name for your furry baby. If you are still not satisfied and want to name your dog after a famous character, call him “Goofy.”

“Goofy” is one of the most popular characters created by Disney in 1932. He is an anthropomorphic dog and the best friend of Mickey mouse. He is kind and clumsy. If you have a dog exhibiting all these characteristics, “Goofy” is the perfect name.

Once you have named your dog, make sure to call him by his name more frequently. It will enable your dog to get used to the name and respond to you quickly.

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