Best Kong Products For Big Dogs

Sometimes being a dog parent can turn out to be really exhausting if your pup is a big one and is really intelligent and energetic. Sounds like a Labrador retriever, no? There are other breeds as well, but this article is not about listing them out. Instead, we intend to find out how to engage such big, intelligent, and energetic dogs like Labrador Retrievers’ minds without affecting your own busy work schedule.

As a dog parent, you must have heard of toys from Kong. If not, then for your information, they provide some really engaging and best quality toys for pets. If you got an energetic and inquisitive dog, you must consider purchasing Kong products to mentally engage your pup.

They are the most reliable, both in terms of innovation and quality. Your dog won’t be able to destroy Kong toys even if it spends hours chewing them. Interestingly, despite being made up of durable materials, Kong toys do not damage your pooch’s teeth. And its innovative designs can prove to be highly engaging for your dog. Consequently, you won’t have to continuously watch out for your pup’s actions.

The coming sections will discuss some of the best Kong products for engaging your pooch mentally and physically. However, before that, you must know some facts about this leading pet toy company. If you already know what a Kong toy is, directly jump to the products review section.

About Kong

Kong is a company situated in Colorado, the United States of America, specifically devoted to making innovative toys for cats and dogs. The company came into existence in the 1970s, when its founder Joe Markham discovered a way to deal with his German Shepherd Fritz’s terrible chewing habits.

Markham’s dog had a peculiar fixation for things like sticks, rocks, and other harmful objects. This habit caused a lot of damage to his dog’s teeth. Even though he tried several tactics to deal with his pooch’s chewing habits, but to no avail.

However, one day, while fixing a Volkswagen bus, Markham threw a suspension part to engage his German Shepherd. The snowman like structure’s unpredictable movements and bounce captivated his dog’s attention. Because the suspension part was made of durable rubber material, it managed to survive even after Fritz’s terrible chewing habits.

Markham understood what he had to do to deal with his dog’s chewing needs and came up with a line of chew toys for dogs after experimenting for six years. One of his friends suggested that the snowman-like toy could serve as an earplug for King Kong. In this way, one of the most beloved pets’ toy companies came into existence.

Variety of Kong Toys

In the present times, besides the classic Kong toy, the company produces various types of mind engaging toys for cats and dogs. For cats, it makes:

  1. Pull toys called ‘Wubba.’
  2. Catnip
  3. Scratching boards
  4. Other chew toys

For dogs, it produces:

  1. Balls
  2. Wubba’s dog version
  3. Dental chews
  4. Floating toys
  5. Frisbees
  6. Squeakers
  7. Stuffed toys for dogs
  8. Interactive toys and accessories

How to begin your search for a perfect Kong toy for your dog?

Given the fact that Kong produces such a large variety of dog toys, selecting a suitable product for your dog can prove to be a really daunting task. In fact, there are so many products that you may find your head spinning. But do not worry. That is precisely why we are here.

Firstly, you must understand what you are coping with. What we mean to say is that you must realize that Kong provides different types of products for dogs of different ages, body structures, and personality traits.

However, you need to focus on your pooch’s age as the other two categories are mostly dependent on how old your dog is. The toys Kong provides are sized differently and are made up of different materials considering your dog’s age.

In this article, we will review thirty Kong products, both for puppies and dogs. We will also consider your dog’s personality. By the time you are done with this article, you will become knowledgeable enough to understand which Kong toys will suit your dog’s personality and age.

But before that, let us understand what it is that Kong has to offer us.

Different kinds of Kong Dog Toys based on age

According to the Kong website, the Kong products’ names are mainly determined, keeping your pooch’s age in mind. Correspondingly, there are three types of Kong dog toys:


If you find the term “puppy” somewhere near the Kong toy name, understand that the toy is for the teeth and gums of dogs who are 12 months old or less than that. Within the category puppy, there are three sub-categories.

  1. Puppies of 7 to 12 weeks.
  2. Puppies of 3 to 9 months.
  3. Puppies of 9 to 12 months

Classic and Extreme

When you find a Kong toy with the term “Classic” and “Extreme” near its name, understand that the toy is for the teeth and gums of dogs who are at the peak of time of their youth, i.e., one to seven years.
The categories “Classic” and “Extreme” are based on young dogs’ chewing habits. We will discuss it further in the succeeding sections.


For the teeth and gums of aged dogs, you will have to find Kong toys with the term “Senior” mentioned near the product name. Even though the terms mentioned above are an essential basis of classification, they are not enough.

Classification of Kong dog toys based on your pup’s Chewing Habits

Apart from age, Kong dog toys are also classified or rated based on your dog’s chewing intensity and style. According to the Kong website, dogs tend to primarily have three types of chewing habits:


If your dog loves to suck, lick and mouth its toys or other things and still you rarely find any severe damage to those tortured items, infer that your pup is a gentle chewer. Besides that, observe how your pooch behaves with a soft and expensive toy or other items. If you find it handling the plush toy with extreme care and just mouthing the toy for fun, understand that your dog is a gentle chewer.


Like most big dogs, or you can say working dogs, Labradors tend to be considered average chewers. It implies that your Lab will sometimes pull apart a soft toy, especially those with tasty treats stuffed inside them. Also, in the case of tough toys, it will chew them to the point that they will start huffing and puffing.

However, your dog will rarely rip them apart into shreds. Therefore, when you venture to choose a Kong toy for your Lab, ascertain that the toy’s texture is soft yet resilient. The Kong website calls such toys “Classics.”


If you find your Labrador considering every soft thing in the world like pillows, cushions, toys, etc. as a challenge to be overcome, understand that your pup is a power chewer. Soft or Classic toys won’t be able to satisfy your dog and ultimately meet a dreadful end. Therefore, listen to what the Kong website says and get an “Extreme” rated Kong toy for your dog.

What should you watch for while picking up a Kong toy for your pup?

One of the Kong toys’ specialties is that they come with a label that gives a detailed description of the product. This feature specifically helps novice pet owners or/and those who have no idea what a Kong toy is.

Therefore, it is recommended that before you plan to purchase a Kong dog ball, Kong treat toy, frozen Kong, Kong squeaker, Kong chew toy, or any other kind of Kong dog toy, pick up your glasses and go through the product label thoroughly.

Read and review each and every information given on the product. It will enable you to discern whether the toy will suit your Labrador’s age and temperament or not. The following are some of the information you must look for in any Kong product:

Size of the toy

Kong dog toys come in the following sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • XS
  • XL
  • XXL and others.

The phase of life for which the toy is prescribed

Based on your dog’s age or phase of life, you will find any of the following tags mentioned on a Kong dog toy:

  1. Puppy
  2. Senior

In case there is no reference to age or life stage, infer that the toy is for adult dogs.

Purpose of the toy

Besides size and age, Kong dog toys are classified based on their objectives or purpose as well. The following are some of the uses based on which Kong dog toys are distinguished from one another.

  1. Good dental health.
  2. Teething.
  3. Treats.
  4. Interactive play.

Some Suitable Kong Toys for Labrador Retrievers

As mentioned earlier, one of the information that Kong toys tend to display is the size of the product. About size, the Kong company has created an extensive chart to help you choose the perfect Kong toy for your pooch. Besides, considering your dog’s weight, the sizing chart also counts on your pup’s breed and age to recommend a suitable toy size for it. Consequently, you won’t get confused or goof-up while choosing the right Kong toy for your dog.

According to the Kong Company’s sizing chart, the following toy sizes are suitable for your Labrador Retriever based on the product type you select:

  1. Puppy Kong: Select medium or large.
  2. Senior Kong: Select large, XL, or XXL.
  3. Classic Kong: Select large, XL, or XXL.
  4. Extreme Kong: Select large.

To understand which size is suitable for your Lab, you have to observe its chewing style. Fortunately, the Kong company has provisions like ‘30 days satisfaction guarantee.’ It will give you a considerable amount of time to observe and assess your Labrador’s chewing style. All you need to do is continuously monitor and supervise your dog’s actions while playing with it.

Carefully observe how your pup’s chewing style affects the toy you have purchased. If you think the toy is not suitable for your Lab, you can always choose to return the toy within 30 days.

Based on your Labrador’s chewing style, the following toy sizes are the most suitable.

  1. Gentle: Select the smallest toy size available.
  2. Power: Select the largest size available.
  3. Average: Consider your dog’s age, height, and weight while selecting a Kong toy.

How to identify the best Kong toy?

Now that you are well aware of all the details related to Kong toys’ sizes, designs, and the objectives with which the Kong toys are manufactured, you must be pondering which Kong toys will best suit your dog.

In this regard, if you ask the Kong company, they will recommend you to observe, analyze, and consider your dog’s needs. The chart provided by Kong is based on the potential needs of dogs of different breeds and ages. However, it is you who will better understand your dog’s exact needs.

How do you describe your Labrador retriever?

You can begin this journey of understanding your Lab’s needs by putting it under any of the following categories.

  1. More energetic: If you have a hyperactive Labrador that loves to jump, run, play, and do other active jobs, you need to cast off its excess energy. You can do it by presenting your pup with loads of interactive toys. Fortunately, Kong has a vast collection of such interactive toys.
  2. More sedentary: If your Labrador is more likely to sit and relax than getting excited and run, you must consider providing it with a toy that will make it more comfortable. Kong presents a large collection of snuggly, cuddlesome, and comfortable toys for your dog.
  3. Avid Chewer: If your Labrador is an avid chewer like Joe Markham’s dog (Kong’s founder) and loves to chew whatever it finds appealing, do not worry. Kong has a huge line of chew toys that can drive your dog’s attention away from harmful items to itself. To put it in other words, your Lab will be more interested in chewing its treat-filled Kong toy than rocks and stones.
    Another specialty of Kong’s chew toys is that they make sure that your Labrador’s teeth and gums remain healthy.
  4. Food lover: Labradors are famous for being big foodies. Consequently, they are more susceptible to conditions like obesity than other breeds. Unfortunately, you cannot train your dog without positive reinforcements like treats. However, you do have the choice of making your Lab work a little hard for its delicacies. Kong provides a vast collection of such treat toys that will engage your pooch both physically and mentally. Your dog’s appetite will be satisfied, and you won’t have to get tensed about its weight.
  5. Motivated by squeaking: Many dogs love the squeaking sounds some toys make. It triggers their curiosity, and they love to run after these toys. If your Labrador is one of those dogs, Kong can present you with Squeaker toys of different designs.
  6. Having a short attention span: Apart from energy, Labradors are known for their intelligence. Being a working breed, they get bored easily if not worked out properly or presented with new challenges. Fortunately, Kong has a vast collection of interactive toys that can challenge your Labrador’s intelligence and get it engaged for hours.
  7. Suffering from weight issues: As mentioned earlier, Labradors are susceptible to become overweight. If your dog has gained some excess weight, get some Kong food-dispensing toys to make your pooch work hard for a low-calorie food treat.

According to Canine experts, you should always try to introduce some variety when it comes to your dog’s toys. Avoid clinging to only one type of toy, say treat toys. Purchase different dog toys like squeakers, sticks, balls, etc. and rotate them periodically. The goal is to challenge your Labrador’s mind and body and prevent it from getting bored with its toys. The more the variety, the more your dog will push itself out of its comfort zone. Consequently, you will have a bright, obedient, and salubrious dog, mentally and physically.

Treat Toys from Kong

If someone asks about the most amazing Kong product, it will definitely be the “treat and food-dispensing toys” from Kong. Features like safety, reliability, and durability are this product’s hallmarks. Besides that, they do not contain any toxins. Consequently, you w

ill have a bright, obedient, and salubrious dog, mentally and physically. Even though people are aware of these treat toys from Kong, the lesser-known fact is that Kong presents a vast collection of tasty Kong treats that you can attach to your Lab’s Kong treat toys. The following are the main categories understand which Kong treats are classified:

  • Rawhide
    Kong’s Rawhide treats have been specifically created to cater to your Labrador’s instinctive needs to chew. Because they are made up of a hundred percent U.S beef hide, your Labrador will have a very tasty toy to play with. Besides that, your dog’s teeth and gums will be taken care of while doing nothing but having fun.
    Moreover, they come in different shapes and configurations, namely double chews, twists, bones, and mini bites. Consequently, your Lab will rarely get bored with it.
  • Stuff’N / Easy Treat
    If you are fed up with the everyday tussle of stuffing nut butter into your dog’s Kong toy, you are in dire need of Kong’s Stuff’N / Easy Treat. These snacks have been specifically designed to fit your dog’s Kong toy. Besides that, they come in different flavors. Pepperoni and Peanut butter can turn out to be some of your Labrador’s favorites.
    If you have a biscuit dispensing toy, try Kong’s biscuit treats for light snacks.
  • Ziggies
    If you want a tasty, teeth cleaning, and easily digestible snacks for your Labrador, Kong Ziggies are just the product for you. They have been created, retaining in mind your dog’s age, i.e., for puppies, adults, and seniors. Accordingly, they are available in both small and large sizes.

Role of ‘Food-dispensing’ toys and ‘Treat’ toys

Treat toys and food-dispensing toys are specifically vital for satisfying your pooch’s nutritional needs. Now you must be thinking, what about the meals you prepare with so much hard work for your dog? We will recommend you sit down and reflect a bit deeper about your pooch’s daily routine.

If you have an old Labrador at your home, you won’t have to bother much about what toys you purchase for it. Senior dogs tend to suffer from various kinds of ailments and are often tired. Therefore, it is better to not make them work so hard to have their much-needed meals. But what about Lab puppies and adult Labs?

We all know that Labradors are a highly active and intelligent breed. It is a proven fact how destructive and hyperactive they can become if their potential is not adequately utilized. To be more kind, Labradors have some valid reasons to behave like that.

We all are aware that Labradors are working dogs, and they have been traditionally bred for hunting and retrieving. However, what we don’t understand that restlessness is not unique to Labradors. There are other breeds as well, and this restless behavior is not a breed-specific feature. In fact, it is a species-specific feature.

Have you ever asked yourself how much time does your pooch takes to finish its meals? Three minutes? Five minutes? According to experts, a dog, on average, takes only fifteen minutes per day to consume its daily meals.

Earlier, when they lived in the wild, they had to spend a whole day getting their one-day nourishment. Now, when they are domesticated, they have literally nothing to do after finishing their meals. How do they spend the remaining part of their day? This is where treat toys and food-dispensing toys play a vital role.

They challenge your Labrador’s intelligence and compel them to work hard to get their reward, i.e., their food. Consequently, the three or five minutes they spend having their meals is extended to 30 minutes. In this way, your dog gets proper nourishment and an ample amount of mental and physical exercise. And voila! You have a happy, healthy, and obedient Lab.

Pull toys or ‘Wubba’ from Kong

The ‘Wubba’ or pull toys from Kong have been specifically created for Labradors who love fetching or retrieving. You can use these toys anywhere, at your home, backyard, parks, et al. Just make sure that the location is spacious enough for your Lab to run without getting hurt.

The ‘Wubba’ collection from Kong is particularly remarkable for its versatility. Each wubba toy has been designed to serve some specific purpose. Hither is a list of the various toys from Kong’s ‘Wubba’ collection.

Wubba Friends

The name justifies this Kong toy’s characteristics. With its downy texture, cute appearance, and lots of space for your dog to hold on to, Wubba Friends can turn out to be your Labrador’s sleeping partner as well.

Wubba Floppy Ears

Wubba Floppy Ears have been specifically designed for an interactive fetch game. The dangling ears will help you throw and take the toy from your dog’s mouth without dealing with slobbers. Besides that, the wubba will make squeaking sounds when it is thrown or chewed. No doubt, your Lab will enjoy a lot while playing with this toy.

Wubba Ballistic Friends

If someone asks about the most durable of all the Wubba toys, the answer will definitely be Wubba Ballistic Friends. They have been so designed that even extreme chewers cannot tear them apart. And the most satisfying part is that they come in diverse colors. So you will have lots of choices before you.

Fuzzy Wubba

Fuzzy Wubba is what you can term as the classic Kong Wubba toy. With their fluffy texture and squeaking sounds, these toys can become a great friend of your dog, especially if they are at their puppy or senior stage.

Wubba (Dry and Wet)

While manufacturing its Wubba toys, the Kong company considers your climatic or weather conditions as well. If you live in a dry area or intend to play with your Lab on a dry, sunny morning, consider purchasing a Dry Wubba dog toy. For wet climatic conditions or snowfalls, Kong has designed Wet Wubba dog toys.

Kong Classic and Kong Wobbler

Most people know what a Kong classic toy is. What they do not ken is the Kong wobbler. If you are one of such customers, then for your information, Kong wobbler is the updated version of the famous Kong classic toy. Even though its overall shape is not very different from the classic toy, there are some notable differences. Read ahead to gratify your curiosity.

Kong Classic Dog Toy

This is the traditional snowman structured Kong dog toy we all know of. A hole has been created at the center so that your dog’s favorite treats like apple pieces, peanut butter, etc. can be stuffed inside it. To get those delicacies, your Lab has to insert its tongue deep inside the hole. Because of its erratic movements, your Lab will be intrigued enough to run after it.

Kong Wobbler’ Food-dispensing’ Dog Toy

Unlike the Kong classic, the hole in the Kong Wobbler is placed at a center-side position. There is a twist-off dispenser, which helps in the easy stuffing of the toy with food. When your dog tries to put its tongue to get access to the delicacies stuffed inside, the toy makes an entertaining action.

To present your Lab with some variety, you can purchase both of these Kong toys. Rotate them periodically to make your dog work hard for its food and consequently keep it engaged for hours.

Different types of Balls from Kong

Balls are Labradors’ one of the most favorite toys of all time. No wonder Kong’s ball collection has always been popular among the dog lovers. However there is another factor that has added to the Kong balls’ demand: versatility.

One may wonder what can be so versatile about a ball, besides the material with which it has been manufactured. But that’s because they have never seen or have no idea of Kong’s line of balls.

To date, the Kong company has designed a variety of balls keeping in mind your pooch’s breed, age, interest, energy levels, and chewing style. Given below are some of the most loved designs from Kong’s ball collection.

Kong Classic Ball

Kong Classic Ball is a part of Kong’s original or classic line of products. However, it doesn’t have the traditional three-part segmentation. Instead, it is round-shaped with a hole at the center for stuffing food.

Kong Jumbler Ball

The Kong Jumbler Ball has been so designed that your Lab will experience double fun while playing with it.


Well, the ball has a tennis ball inside it that tumbles and squeaks when the outer ball moves.

Kong Air Dog Squeaker Tennis Ball

The fact that these balls squeak, roll and fly high up in the air implies that you and your Lab will have a really interactive and entertaining play session.

Kong Biscuit Ball

This is another unique designer ball in the Kong company’s classic or original line up. It has many holes through which you can insert biscuits. Just roll the ball after putting the biscuits inside it. Your dog will have to do a lot of hard work to get the biscuits.

Kong Air Dog Squeaker Double Ball Toy

This is a variation of the Kong Air dog. It is dumbbell-shaped and comprises of two balls. There is one tennis ball and one squeaker ball. Each ball constitutes one end of the toy.

Kong Squeezz Ball

As the name suggests, the Kong Squeeze Ball is meant for squeezing. But what makes it entertaining is that it makes a squeaking sound when your Lab squeezes the ball using its mouth. However, the squeaker inside the ball is thoroughly protected. Consequently, your dog won’t be able to access it by chewing the ball.

Kong Stuff-a-Ball

It is another uniquely designed ball from Kong that is meant to be stuffed with biscuits. But what distinguishes it from the Kong Biscuit ball is that it has ridges that take care of your Lab’s teeth and gums.

Fortunately, most of the balls mentioned above are available in a variety of sizes. Consequently, you won’t be disappointed when you wish to choose one of them. However, if you are wondering what’s with a design. A ball is ultimately a ball, then think again.

 Not all balls are likely to interest your dog. Besides that, you need to purchase several balls to retain your dog’s interest. We will consider it in more detail in the following section.

Balls: Labrador Retrievers’ favorite Kong toy

While it may take some time to get your Labrador familiar with other types of Kong toys, playing with balls, come naturally to them. And why not? They are ultimately retrievers. So what if they are not currently engaged in any hunting or retrieving tasks? You cannot really change their instincts, right? That is precisely why they love balls so much.

Even though you don’t need to expend too much on your dog’s toys, getting balls of different designs will save you the hassles of purchasing a new ball every time your pup gets bored smelling, licking, sucking, and mouthing it. Just buy two-three balls of different styles and materials and rotate them to introduce a variation to your pup’s taste.

Getting your pooch balls of different designs, materials, and functions will serve you another important purpose. It will provide your furry friend with multi-sensory enrichment. By multi-sensory enrichment, we mean that the balls should appeal to your dog’s multiple senses: appearance, smell, taste, texture, touch, and sound. If the ball you purchase for your Lab appeals to at least two of its senses, your dog is less likely to get bored of the ball very quickly.

About the “Extreme” rated toys from Kong

We have discussed a lot about Kong’s rating system and how it uses different parameters to classify its products under the following categories – puppy, senior, classic, and extreme. What we have still not discussed is about Kong’s color codes.

To further simplify the process of identifying a product, Kong has assigned different colors to its toys. The following colors are assigned to various Kong toys based on your dog’s age and chewing style:

  1. Red: If a Kong toy you intend to purchase is of red color, infer that it is a classic toy for adults and average chewers.
  2. Pink or Blue: If you wish to purchase a toy for your puppy, ascertain that it is pink or blue in color.
  3. Purple: For your senior dog, purchase a toy of purple color.
  4. Black: A black-colored toy denotes that it is for extreme chewers.

If your pooch is an extreme chewer, you must look for the black color on your dog’s toy. The rubber used for manufacturing these “Extreme” rated toys is the most durable one. Consequently, your dog won’t be able to destroy its toys so easily.

Some of the most preferred extreme toys from Kong

The following are some of the most preferred Kong Extreme toys:

Kong Extreme (Original)

This is the extreme version of the classic snowman structured Kong toy. The rubber used for manufacturing these toys is very strong and durable. Even the K-9 trainers and the military use these Kong toys to sharpen their dogs’ fetching skills.

Kong Rubber Ball Extreme

As evident from the name itself, the Kong Rubber Ball Extreme is the round-shaped bouncy ball made for the power chewers.

Kong Extreme Goodie Bone

The Goodie Bone comprises holes on each end that are meant to be stuffed with food. The product’s durable material will allow the power chewers to lick, suck, and chew the bone for hours without doing any serious damage.

Kong Extreme Tire

The Kong Extreme Tire is meant for containing various delicacies within its durable interior.

Kong Extreme Flyer

It is a Frisbee meant to be caught by your Labrador’s sharp teeth.

Sticks from Kong

Apart from balls, Labradors tend to be a huge fan of bars or sticks as well. And to cater to your Lab’s fixation with sticks, Kong has created a whole line for them. Whatever designs you want is available with Kong. They have classified the sticks under the following categories:

  • Thick
  • Thin
  • Textured
  • Smooth
  • Treat
  • Non-treat et al.

The following are some of the popular Kong sticks you will definitely want to purchase for your Lab:

Squeezz Stick

As the name suggests, this stick toy from Kong is supposed to be squeezed by your dog. When your Lab presses the stick with its mouth, the squeaker inside it will make a sound. However, your dog won’t be able to chew the squeaker as it is highly protected. Some of the squeeze sticks will make crackling sounds if your Lab tries to chew, twist, or bend them. The stick also makes some erratic movements. Consequently, your Labrador’s curiosity will be very much triggered by this Kong Squeezz Crackle Stick.

Durasoft Kong Dog Toy

The Kong Durasoft Stick will entice your Labrador at three sensory levels. How?

The stick’s body comprises dual materials, making each end different to feel than the other. Besides that, it will bounce and float erratically with a squeaking sound when you or your dog throws it on the ground. Quite a versatile toy. No?

Safestix Kong Dog Toy

‘Strong yet flexible’ is the phrase you should use to describe the Kong Safestix dog toy. The stick has been made up of non-toxic and premium quality thermoplastic rubber for durability. The toy won’t break even if you start playing a tug of war with your Lab (which is not at all desirable). With a twisted texture and a ball on each end, your Labrador will have a better grip on the stick. Besides, the toy floats in water. Consequently, your Labrador will be able to easily retrieve the stick when you play a game of fetch in the water.

Air Dog Fetch Stick with Rope

With its tennis-ball like texture, the Air Dog Fetch Stick is tender on your Labrador’s teeth and gums. It has a premium quality throw rope, and it floats on water. Consequently, you and your dog will experience a fun-filled play session.

Training Toy Dummy

If you wish to trigger your Labrador’s retriever instincts, you must get a Kong Training Dummy toy to begin your Lab’s retrieving sessions. The stick has been specifically designed to play fetch in both land and water. With its eye-catching orange-red color and soft foam material, your Labrador will have the perfect toy to begin its retrieving journey. Because the dummy is made up of soft foam, you have to supervise your Labrador while playing with it. The toy will teach your Lab to develop a soft mouth, the first lesson of retrieving.

Kong Dental

Innovation is one of the hallmarks of the Kong company. This statement is further reinforced by their dental care toy collection. Till now, you have seen Kong toys that are meant to be safe, durable, and fun. But the Kong Company designs toys for taking care of your Lab’s dental health as well. Who could imagine that you can have fun while taking care of your teeth and gums?

Well, the Kong Company could. That is why it has designed the following dental toys for your dog. They will make the whole task of maintaining healthy teeth and gums a tasty and fun-filled experience for your Labrador. And the best part is that they have been designed, keeping in mind the dental health of dogs of different breeds and ages.

Kong Dental Stick Dog Toy

This dental care toy has been developed into a standard Kong stick with groves. You have to insert your delicacies into those ridges. When your Lab tries to extract its treat by chewing the stick, its teeth and gums will be taken care of.

Kong Jump N’ Jack Dental Dog Toy

With its durable material and propensity to bounce, the Kong Jump N’ Jack can turn out to be your Labrador’s favorite pass time toy. All you need to do is fill the dental-ridges with your dog’s favorite snacks and roll it on the floor. For a fresh breath, you can stuff the ridges with Kong’s breath paste as well.

Kong Dental Toy with rope

This dental care toy has been shaped into a dumbbell with ridges meant to be stuffed with food. You can consider inserting Kong Easy Treats into these groves. The ropes are intended to act as floss. Consequently, the toy will provide all-round care to your Labrador’s teeth and gums.

Choosing the best Kong toy for your dog

After getting to know such a huge variety of Kong dog toys, you must have developed some brilliant ideas on what type of Kong toys you wish to present your Lab. You must have also got an idea about which toy size and fabric will suit your dog’s age and chewing style.

But now the question is what you will do if your Labrador Retriever doesn’t show any interest in its new toy? Or worse, doesn’t like its new toy?

In answer to this question, the Kong company says that it is upon you to gain and retain your dog’s interest in its new toy. The way you present the new toy before your pup is likely to determine whether it will become dear to your dog or go to the donation box.

How to gain your dog’s attention and interest in its new toy?

The following tips are suggested by the Kong company to introduce your Labrador to its new Kong toy:

  1. Ascertain that the concerned toy’s size doesn’t prove to be a turn off for your pup.
    Selecting the right size is very important. Even the Kong company says so. If the toy you decide to purchase is too tiny, it will fail to trigger your pup’s curiosity. And if the selected toy is too large, your dog will crouch down in fear. And that’s definitely not a reaction you want from your dog while introducing its new toy.
  2. Use your happy voice to gain your dog’s attention to its new toy.
    Your pooch may not know your speech, but it can sense your mood and voice. Therefore, while introducing your dog to its new toy, use your happy and excited voice. To intensify the effect, you can play with the toy yourself. It will intrigue your pup who will want to participate in the game.
  3. Give your pup some treats as an incentive for its interest.
    Sometimes your Lab may just not be interested in the new toy you have purchased for it. However, the situation may take a drastic change if you put some of your dog’s favorite food inside the toy.
  4. Provide a hard freeze as an add on.
    As your dog becomes accustomed to a particular toy’s basic mechanisms, freeze it to give your pup an additional challenge. Freezing your pup’s toy can be specifically useful during summertime. Your Labrador will love a toy with a cooling effect after sweating it out under the scorching heat of the sun.


Apart from the longevity and innovative designs, Kong toys are also remarkable for their reasonable prices. As we all know, Labradors tend to be really energetic and inquisitive breeds. Consequently, they may get bored very quickly if you give them the same toy again and again. Therefore, it is crucial to rotate the toys. Accordingly, you have to purchase many toys. Because you have to buy several toys, the prices need to be reasonable. Otherwise, there is a big risk of your budget getting stretched.

This is precisely where Kong toys will play a vital role. Besides providing toys that are economically priced, the toys manufactured by Kong are really long-lasting. Consequently, you won’t have to spend too much on your dog’s toys. You can save that extra money for emergencies like accidents and sickness.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up your smartphone and start scrolling for a suitable Kong toy for your furry friend. It will definitely be pleased to get an enticing new toy that intends to challenge its energetic body and intelligent mind.