Dogo Argentino Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Dogo Argentino is a big, well built dog breed that originated in Argentina for big game hunting. It was also for the purpose of wild boar. Big game hunting refers to hunting animals for their meat such as bones, fur, tusks etc. These are valued products for commercials. It is an ancient tradition for getting food. It was also considered as a sport to collect animal products for museums. Along with wild boar, pigs and peccaries were also practiced. For these purposes Dogo Argentino was used. They wanted a dog breed that could show bravery and could easily protect humans. And for all these purposes Dogo Argentino was perfect. The first breed of Dogo Argentino was found in 1928.

Dogo Argentino Appearance

  1. Argentino dogs are big in size. They have short white coats on their body along with some black spots. They have strong well built solid bodies. Some Argentine dogos have a black spot or patch on their head. These spots are called ‘pirata’. The standard height for male argentino dogs are 60-68 cm ( 24-27 inches ) whereas female argentino dogs stand 60-65 inches ( 24-26 inches).
  2. The weight of the male argentino dogs are around 40-45 kg ( 88-99 lb ) whereas the weight of the female argentino dogs are around 35-40 kg ( 77-88 lb ). The heads of these dogs are broad and big. The tale of these dogs are thick and low.
  3. These dogs look the same as American bulldogs and American pit bull terriers. The patch should not cover more than 10% of the head. It is considered as a flaw. They have dark eyes. They are agile and muscular. The ears of the dog are cut and straight. Their eye colour usually seen in these dogs are brown and amber.
  4. The colour of the nose is black. The density of the coat is short, less than normal coat density. The texture of the coat is straight.

Dogo Argentino History

Dogo Argentino History

During 1920, a doctor named Antonio Nores Martínez tried to develop a breed of the dog for game hunting in Argentina. He tried cross breeding fighting dogs of cordoba with other dogs to create a new breed who was strong, fast and had the scenting ability to track and hunt in big game. He bred fighting dogs of cordoba with boxers, bull terrier and Spanish mastiffs. In 1973 the Argentina kennel club recognised Dogo Argentino as an official dog. It earned an impression of being aggressive and violent. This dog is not a good choice for first time dog owners. The dog needs an owner who can give time to the dog and also train them.


  1. Dogo Argentino is a smart and courageous dog. They have a natural instinct to protect its family members. They are very social and happy dogs. They have a strong sense to make distinctions between strangers and family members. Therefore they need socialisation and proper training at an early age. They have strong muscular bodies and endurance. They can work individually and in packs as well. These dogs are of great courage. They are also used in rescue, police assistance and service dogs.
  2. They show obedience and are strong enough to track people down. They are powerful yet they are sensitive in nature. They are very energetic. These dogs are owned by people who are alert, active in nature and have athletic personalities. Their dogs should exercise as well to maintain their strong body and flexibility. They should have the desire to work and hunt.
  3.  They do look scary at first impression, but these dogs are really friendly. They have strong bark. They are excellent guards. They loved to be adored and petted. They like being close contact with their owners. With these dogs aggression is a big problem. They should socialise at an early age.
  4. They don’t like the company of the dog of the same sex. They should not be kept along with cats as well. They have great respect for their owner. They are often curious about different smells around them. They carry themselves with an impressive presence. They are cheerful and loyal companions. They are protective of their owner.
  5. These dogs need lots of physical activities along with patient training. They can easily tolerate hot weather. They have high prey drive and are fierce hunters. They can become violent if they are not given proper training and affection. They should not be left alone for a long period of time. They need strict boundaries. It needs regular activities and training to keep their minds and bodies active and alert. Their way of working and strong muscular body makes them the perfect choice for military and rescue work.
  6. But they can be a concern around small children. Children should meet the dog only when they are a little more big. Giving them toys can keep their body and mind active and alert. They are loving and playful with family members.

The health of Dogo Argentino

  1. The dog can experience pigment related deafness. There is a possibility of around 10% deafness with some dogs. It could be one ear deafness or both ear deafness.
  2. Testing should be done on all the breeds to ensure that there are no symptoms or signs of hip dysplasia. The breed can become prone to allergies or other skin problems. Some cases also suffer from autoimmune thyroid.
  3. Skin diseases are very common in these dogs. It can lead to itchy skin and bacterial infections. Over 40% of argentino dogos have  hip dysplasia in which dogs have malformed hips that can cause pain and require expensive surgery.
  4. They also have common eye disease which are called eyelid abnormalities. These dogs are also at risk for gastrointestinal syndrome called bloat which can kill a dog within a few hours. Other concerns include epilepsy, heart disease and digestive problems.
  5. Argentino dogos have teeth problems as well. It starts with build up of tartar on the teeth and can lead to infection and tooth decay. Cleaning of your dog’s teeth everyday is necessary.
  6. Obesity can be a health issue in Dogo Argentino, it can worsen the joint problems, digestive system, back pain and heart disease. Proper diet and exercise can save a dog from obesity. All kinds of parasites can invade a dog’s body.
  7. Fleas, ticks and ear mites can infest a dog’s skin and ears. Hookworms, heartworms, roundworms and whipworms can get into a dog’s body through drinking water, walking on soil, or bitten by mosquitoes.
  8. These can be a concern not only for dogs but also the family members as well. Parasites can cause pain and discomfort. You should check them from time to time. Older dogos can develop a disease in which vocal cords become paralysed. It can cause difficulty in breathing.
  9. Symptoms could be because of some acute or chronic problem, as an owner you should always look for some symptoms in your dogs and give them immediate treatment.

Take an appointment if you any types of signs:

Change in appetite,Change in water consumption, Tartar build up, Itchy skin and hair loss, Excessive sleeping or mental dullness, Aggression or behavioural changes, Scratching or shaking head, Ear wax discharge, Leg pain, Abnormal panting,Dull coat, weight gain, No reaction in unseen sounds.

Nutritional Diet

Dogo Argentino Diet

Argentino Dogo are not fussy eaters. They will eat anything you give them. They need a specific balanced diet. A dog of this size needs a decent amount of food to keep itself active and alert. It is important to give them a nutritionally adequate balanced diet.


Dogs need an adequate amount of protein, they are mostly meat eaters. The more protein the food contains and better it is. Animal based protein is expensive and includes beef, meat or chicken. It contains vitamins and minerals. It is the healthiest form of protein for dogs. Plant based protein diets are cheaper way of providing protein for a dog but they lack some vitamins and minerals


Argentino Dogo need fat in their diet to function properly in their day to day life. Using fats can give you flavour, provide energy and for hormone production. Most of the dog foods are balanced with fats so you don’t need to put extra fat in their diet.


Carbohydrates are required in very less quantity in a dog’s diet. Carbohydrates are actually added for extra calorie content. They are derived from corn, oats, peas, sweet potato and other grains.

Vitamins And Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential for a balanced diet. They are good for a dog’s health and well being. They need minimum requirements of these. All brand foods contain required nutrients in an adequate amount. Some brands add extra nutrition for extra benefits. Argentino Dogo requires vitamin c more than other breeds. They need vitamin c for joint problems. You need to give supplements for this.


  1. Dogo Argentino are playful dogs who love to be out and exercising. If they don’t exercise it can result in health problems in the long term. Exercising doesn’t have to be a chore. There are a number of ways you can get your dog to exercise without exerting yourself. The basic way of exercising your dog is to slip a harness on their neck and take them for a walk.
  2.  A short run or a jog with them is really good for them. Take different routes and parks for walking so you don’t get unhappy doing the same routine. It will allow the dogs to burn some good energy. Another way is the game of fetch. Chasing balls or toys will keep your dog occupied for hours.
  3. But it’s important to play in a safe environment. Dogo Argentinos like tug of war games. They grip the toy with their mouth without getting hurt. Keep in mind that it doesn’t make the dog too aggressive, if it does change the game. Hiding your treats around the house is a great way to keep them occupied. There are a number of agility treats for exercising the dogs.


  1. The dog should be given an occasional bath. This is essential for keeping your dog clean and looking best. It can be a great communication experience for you and your dog.
  2. Their sharp nails need to be trimmed with a nail clipper to avoid overgrowth. Their ears should be cleaned regularly to avoid buildup of wax which can result in infection.
  3. Teeth should be brushed regular to avoid tartar build up. These dogs have a white coat that sheds heavily during various seasons.
  4. You need to brush him regularly to remove shedded hair and keep the coat clean. Allergies can be caused by shedded hair and skin cells that are shed by dogs.


The Argentino Dogo is not a good choice for a first time dog owner. He is strong and powerful. If you want a fearless and kind companion then it is the best option. But they need proper socialisation, training and exercise for a good life. They have a lifespan of 9-12 years. They have a strong prey drive and territorial nature. These dogs should spend good time with their family. The owner should give the dog proper attention so their dog doesn’t get bored. Begin the training of the dog at a young age so that they can have a proper healthy and happy life experience.


  1. Dogo Argentino have a strong prey drive and are powerful.
  2. They have a lifespan of 9-12 years
  3. They are smart, courageous and fearless.
  4. They need a proper diet full of protein, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals.
  5. They require proper training and socialisation from a young age.
  6. They suffer from a number of diseases therefore the owner should look for signs and symptoms and provide immediate treatment.
  7. They like to spend time with family members.
  8. They should exercise and engage in physical activities to maintain a healthy and strong body.