Chocolate Labradoodle Breed Information, Characteristics, and Facts

Chocolate Labradoodle is born when a brown Poodle and a Labrador Retriever is cross-breaded. Usually, a Standard Poodle and a Labrador (with heavy dark and wavy coat) are combined together to get this unique breed. The only difference that was seen in many Chocolate Labradoodle in the context of other “Doodles” was the difference in their coat color. However, all Chocolate Labradoodles are expected to have a similar temperament.

Chocolate Labradoodles are similar to any other Labradoodle breed but the only difference that makes them different from others is their dark brown luxurious coat. They come in Standard size as well as in miniature version. The miniature size weights around 20 lbs but the Standard Labradoodle can weigh about 65 lbs. This breed is most popular among the family with older children.

This breed loves socializing with others because they are an active breed. Hence they need large spaces where they can run and play. Labradoodles are highly energetic, so they are not a suitable choice for a family with small kids. Because there is a chance they can jump on your small kids which can harm them.

And they constantly require human attention and need physical activities, so they can’t be left alone for a long period of time.

Differences Between Chocolate Labradoodle and other Labradoodle Color Variants?

The only difference seen between a Chocolate Labradoodle and other Labradoodle is in their coat color. But there is some evidence that says that the chocolate color of this Labradoodle can indicate to their specific personality traits.

But other than that there is not much difference between them. Chocolate Labradoodle is similar to other Labradoodles or any other type of ‘Doodles’.

For instance, a Golden Labrador and Poodle crossbreeding creates Golden Labradoodle, similar to Chocolate Labradoodle breeding process. The obvious difference is in their appearance.

Characteristics of Chocolate Labradoodle

Traits of a Labrador in Labradoodle

Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds. The origin place of Labrador Retriever is Newfoundland, Canada. They are usually 21.5 – 24.5 inches in height and weighs around 55-80 lbs.

Labrador is an active breed who is always happy and is very outgoing. They like running and swimming. They make great therapy, working, or service dogs.

Their athletic personality is their charm, as you must know that they are champion in Canine Sports and also excel in the rally, dock diving, rescuing, agility and other things.

Labradors have special waterproof coats. Their coats are thick on the top part and insulting & soft underneath. There are three coat colors in Labrador; Black, Chocolate, and Yellow.

Traits of Poodle in Labradoodle

In Poodles, there are three sizes. They come in Standard, Miniature, and Toy sizes. To get a Chocolate Labradoodle, a Standard Poodle and a Labrador are mixed.

Poodles are very athletic and intelligent and they have very unique and curly hair. They are often described as “Hypoallergenic” because their coat has low shredding quality. And the reason is that before landing on the ground, the Poodle coat catches the hair in its own coat.

different colors of labradoodle and other labrador

If anyone in your family suffers from a dog allergy, then Poodle is a suitable choice for you. But you must know that there is nothing like completely Hypoallergenic Dogs. Although, there will be lesser cleaning duties because of their low shedding coat and the chances of allergy are quite low.

Poodles have different coat colour, some have solid coats, some have two colour coats and some have multi-coloured coats, and most common among them is Brown colour.

What is the Genetics behind the Labradoodle?

The basic coat color of a Labradoodle is determined by the genes of Poodle and Labrador Retriever.

Genetically ‘Black’ is the most common color, but ‘Chocolate’ coloured Labradoodles are not easily found. However, other color dogs can also carry genetics that can create chocolate fur in the Labradoodles.

A surprising fact is that Chocolate color fur can be obtained by two black dogs or even by mixing a yellow and black color dog.

The Temperament of Chocolate Labradoodle

Typically, a Labradoodle is playful and friendly in nature. But sometimes with strangers, they can be reserved. This depends upon how much he is influenced by a Poodle’s nature. This trait is commonly found in Poodle but, it can vary depending on their socialization.

Chocolate Labradoodle behaves the same way as other Labradoodles, but there is only one exception.

A study has discovered that different colored Labradoodles have a higher tendency of getting upset when they feel they are ignored. Moreover, they have lower noise fear and also low training ability. But, these observations are completely based on an owner’s experience. So it is not necessary that this also happens with the Chocolate Labradoodles.

Now, coming back to their temperament. It is quite obvious that a Labradoodle’s temperament depends upon how much his parent’s temperament influences him.

This breed is often preferred for farm work or hunting or for service work because they are strong and highly active. And, they also make an excellent guide dog or service dog.

Their Training Requirements

Labradoodles gives a positive response to reinforcement training and are very easy to be trained. They require regular training which is something that is recommended to all the breeds.

Labradoodles will be benefits when they get positive reinforcement training. This also helps them to control their behavior, for instance jumping on guests or on small kids.

Health of Chocolate Labradoodles

Not many detailed shreds of evidence have been found that suggest that the Chocolate color of a Labradoodle has any connection with their overall health. But in some research, it has been found that Chocolate color Labradoodle is on the path of becoming a less healthy breed. And therefore, compared to the yellow or black Labradoodles, Chocolate Labradoodles are dying at a young age.

Genes Effect

The genes of the Poodle and the Labrador that creates a Chocolate Labradoodle is based on their genetics.

Chocolate Labradoodle Breed

So the breeders who want a high percentage of chance of getting chocolate-coloured Labradoodle, need to mate two chocolate Labradors to achieve the desired Labradoodle litter.

But the chances of inheriting health conditions from the parent like ear infection, obesity, or skin problem increases. Because the gene pool created by breeding the same colored Labs is narrower. Therefore, there is a high possibility that your Chocolate Labradoodle will inherit the same health conditions from his parents.

Inherited Health Conditions in Chocolate Labradoodles

The health issues that a dog inherits is influenced by his parent’s genetics and the purity of their breed.

It is tough to determine the dog’s health issue if his parents are a pure-bred Poodle and a pure-bred Labrador. For the Breeder, there are no reliable ways to find what traits a parent will pass on to his litter.

However, it is easier to find which health issue in a dog is inherited if the Breeder further breeds the future generation of that Labradoodle together.

Labradoodles Health Tests

It is important for everyone to choose a Breeder who has already tested his Chocolate Labradoodles for possible inherited health conditions.

The Canine Health Information Center says you must check that the Chocolate Labradoodles are already testes for some basic problems like cardiac issues, hip & elbow dysplasia, eye problems, or thyroid problems.

Important things to ensure Good health in Chocolate Labradoodle

It is possible for you to reduce the possibility of suffering in your dog in case of the above-mentioned conditions. And can also reduce or ease any of the symptoms.

For instance, to improve the overall health of your dog, you should promote a healthy diet in his menu and help him receive proper exercise.

Moreover, to eliminate any chance of health problems, you can also take him for an annual screening at a good pet hospital.

Grooming Requirements of a Chocolate Labradoodle

Labradoodle Grooming Guide grooming

It does not matter what is the dog’s coat color, what matters is the type and style of that dog’s coat.

Chocolate Labradoodle needs brushing of their coats twice or thrice a week. They have thick coats, and to prevent them from matting and to remove any dirt, or tangle, brushing is necessary.

But, if your dog has more influence of a Poodle’s appearance, then he may require more grooming. And if he is more like Labrador then it will be okay if you don’t brush him very often.

However, the Chocolate Labradoodle requires less grooming as a puppy, but after they are 8 months old, they will also require regular grooming.

Chocolate Labradoodles are Hypoallergenic or not?

Most of the time Chocolate Labradoodles are called “Hypoallergenic”. But you must know that no dog can be completely allergy-free. Well, some are less and some are more. And Chocolate Labradoodles comes in the “Less Allergic” category. They shed less than others.

And the reason is that their coat is so thick that the coat itself catches the broken hair before shedding them on the ground.

This leads to the fact that Chocolate Labradoodle will require more grooming than any other dog breed.

Some Facts about Labradoodle

They come in different colours and sizes

Labradoodles are the results of cross-breeding. Hence they are not a pure breed. They come in various colors like chocolate, black, red, silver, apricot, and some other colors too. Their fur also has a variety: like some have wavy coats, some have curly or some has straight looking hair.

Their sizes mainly depend on the parent. The Standard is around 65 pounds, the medium can be around 30-45 pounds and the toy versions can be around 15-25 pounds.

Active and easily Trainable

Both the Labradors and Poodle are an intelligent breed, so no doubt their mix “Labradoodle” will also be intelligent. They can be easily trained because they always have an eagerness to learn more.

These Labradoodles are also very active. They usually need walks and space where they can run around. This is the reason they are not suitable for small apartments.

Not a Watchdog

Labradoodles are not a good choice if you are looking for a watchdog. They are energetic, playful, friendly, and easy-going but they are not an aggressive breed. Well, a dog’s temperament depends on his parents, so some of them can be a little aggressive. But early socialization will help them to learn how to behave with strangers and other dogs.

Therapy and Guide Dog

Labradoodles make an excellent Therapy and Guide Dogs for people suffering from physical abilities, autism, depression etc.

And for Blind people, they are a good choice as a Guide Dog. An interesting fact is, Labradoodles were firstly created for blind women.

Good Swimmers

These dogs are good swimmers, and they will be a great swimming buddy for you in the summer season. Once you take them to a pool, their excitement and their adorable behaviour will take your heart away.


Chocolate Labradoodles are great dogs. And if you are thinking of having your own, just go for it. We hope this information was helpful for you and we were able to answer any questions you had about them.