Cavapoo Dog Breed Information and Pictures

The Cavapoo is a cross breed of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and poodle dog breeds. They are playful creatures. They are often called by different names like cavoodle and cavoodle. They are outgoing dogs who love to play and do outdoor activities. They are the designer breeds which are adopted by actors and designers. These dogs are amazingly cute which are adored by the whole family and even those who say they hate dogs!

Cavapoo appearance

  1. Cavapoo dogs are 9-12 inches in height and weight around 12-25 pounds. It’s important to know if they are children of toy poodle dogs or small poodle dogs. Because toy poodle dogs are smaller in size. The size of the dogs often depend on the parent size.
  2. They are a good choice for families who have small houses. The prediction of height and weight is difficult to understand. It is not possible to get exact weight and size reports. The type and the size of the poodle is the reason which will tell them how big they will get as an adult. Cavapoo is unique in their own way. Every Cavapoo dog is different in height and weight. Cavapoo categories are of 2 categories: miniature and toy.
  3. Toy Cavapoo dogs growth shows around 12 inches at shoulder since Miniature Cavapoo dogs are around 14 inches at the shoulder. Small breeds reach adulthood faster. Toy Cavapoo dogs grow slowly around eight to nine months. Toy Cavapoo dogs are light in weight. The puppy stage goes so fast.
  4. They have adorable dark coloured eyes. Small button nose and curly-wavy coat. The Cavapoo dog is available in many colours like black, chestnut, chestnut and white, white, gold, tricolour ( black, white, tan ). They have long fluffy ears. They have cute round faces which make them look extremely adorable.
  5. They have low shedding. They have a lifespan of 12-16 years. They have long brows. Their body is small as compared to many other breeds of dogs. They have short legs. They have long coat length with high density and wavy texture.

History and origin of the cavapoo dog

Cavapoo history

The Cavapoo dog is a crossbreed of poodle and a cavalier spaniel. They were bred to create non shedding and mixture of various personality traits. When you look at the parent dog you will get the idea about what will the puppy inherit. The poodle is a luxurious and smart dog which was crossbred to hunt waterfowl. It originated in Germany, it was the French who originally bred them. It is an ancient breed back to the times of roman and egyptian, there were statues of the dogs which looked similar to poodles. Small versions of poodle were produced around the 1400s.

First, they introduced miniature dogs then toy poodle dogs. These dogs were used for hunting ducks. Toy poodles were used as a companion for wealthy families. They were also used in circuses. They were made to learn tricks. In 1886, the American Kennel Club registered their first poodle. In the 1950s, these dogs became the most popular breed for more than 40 years. The cavalier is the descendant of King Charles Spaniel. King Charles Spaniel was crossbred with pug dogs that produced a smaller dog with flat noses, big eyes and upturned faces in the late 1600s. But a person named Roswell Eldridge tried to offer money in London’s Crufts Dog Show who had King Charles Spaniel with a long nose.

The dog was found but Eldridge had passed away. The other breeds tried to complete his mission of breeding a dog similar to the one in the paintings of Van Dyck of King Charles II. That dream was achieved when they produced a dog that is Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They have a luxury in their blood. It is no surprise that they still have a royal appearance.

Cavapoo temperament

  1. Cavapoo dogs are loyal and friendly dogs. They are affectionate with their family members. They get along with other breeds of dogs as well. They love everyone around them. They like the companionship of their family. They have low energy. They love to be involved in family activities. Once they come into your family it is impossible to let go of them ever. They do not like to be left alone, they always want company. It is not a good choice for those who leave their house for long periods. He is a very social dog.
  2. They have a unique personality. They are extremely sweet creatures. They have low prey drive. They are smart and nice. They easily adapt to the environment. They are not fussy dogs and easy to handle. They like the company so much that they can suffer from separation anxiety if left alone for a long time. They don’t bite. They are easy to train. They are also very good therapy dogs and watch dogs. They need training with patience.
  3. They are devoted to their owner. They love to play with their owner and are always eager to participate in any outdoor and indoor activity. The dogs can become needy and clingy as they always want and like attention.

Health issues of cavapoo dog

Every dog has health issues. The main health issues in Cavapoo dogs are as follows:

  1. Syringomyelia: It is a condition in which fluid fills up in the spinal cord near the brain. As they had small skulls it could lead to squeezing down the spinal cord. It was painful and a serious condition. Therefore it needed proper treatment.
  2. Multifocal Retinal Dysplasia (MRD): It is a hereditary condition in which the vision of the dog gets blurred and it can lead to losing eyesight. The Retina gets thinner and leads to detachment of the retina. It can lead to total blindness. There is no treatment for this disease.
  3. Degenerative Mitral Valve Disease (MVD): In this disease, the mitral valve deteriorates and it can lead to difficulty in breathing and cough. There is a drug treatment for this. But if this progresses it can lead to heart failure. This is a very common disease in these dogs.
  4. Hip Dysplasia: When there is deformation in the hip area, it is called hip dysplasia. It is a painful condition for dogs. Surgery and supplements can help in this condition. It is a common condition. A lot of dog breeds are prone to this condition.
  5. Epilepsy: It is a condition of abnormal activity in the brain which can lead to seizures. It can be serious if it progresses. The dog can become unconscious. It can be managed with medicines and therapy. It can start from twitching and lead to jerking.
  6. Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA): It refers to the retinal diseases which are inherited from the parents of the dog. The retina degenerates and could lead to blindness. Night Blindness and cataracts progress and it causes total blindness. There is no such treatment for this.
  7. Legg Perthes Disease: It is the kind of disease in which the hip joint disintegrates. It mostly happens to miniature dogs, small and toy breeds. Mostly it is seen in puppies between the age group of 5-8 months. Surgeries could be helpful.
  8. Patella Luxation: When the dogs walk their kneecap moves out of the groove which causes the knee to dislocate. Surgical treatment can help in this condition.
  9. Sebaceous Adenitis: In this condition, the skin of the glands gets affected. The skin glands become inflamed and irritated. Eventually, they die. This can lead to scaly and dry skin. The coat of the dog becomes oily and waxy. The signs could be managed but there is no cure for this. Bathing the dog with medicated products specially made for this condition.

Cavapoo dog diet

Cavapoo diet
  1. Cavapoo dogs are small in size but they need a nutritionally balanced diet in daily life. Food makes them happy and is essential for a long life. They require animal protein and carbohydrates for energy. Fats for health and shiny coat as well as wellness of the skin. Vitamins and minerals are needed in small quantities for immunity and digestion.
  2. They need premium dry kibble which is specially made for smaller breeds. Costly foods are hard to get. They contain complete nutritional quality which is required. Cheap quality foods are not good for them. It is not healthy for them. It can lead to digestive problems in them. Dry food is better for dogs because chewing can lead to tooth decay. The quantity of food they need depends on the size, age and activity level of the dogs. Cavapoo dogs can become obese if they overfed.
  3. They can have breathing and digestion problems. It can even cause joint problems. It can shorten their life. You can control their food by giving proper quantities of food and exercise. They like dry biscuits, canned or wet food, frozen food and semi-moist food. They need consistent food, otherwise, it can lead to digestion problems.
  4. While giving treats you should not overfeed them as treats have high-calorie content and it can lead to weight gain and eventually obesity. They can gain weight fast. So we need to take care of our dog’s diet routine properly.


  1. The Cavapoo dogs need moderate exercise around for 45 minutes every day. Exercise could be in the form of play or walk or other interesting activities. Along with this mental stimulation is also important. Exercise should depend on their age and level of energy. It is good to do exercise every day to maintain good health. But you should not over-exercise your dog. Walking is helpful in experiencing sounds, sights and smells.
  2. They should walk for at least 20 minutes everyday. Try to make a routine every day. Cavapoo likes swimming, it is the perfect exercise for them. It helps to make the muscles strong. Playing fetch with a dog is a good activity. Cavapoo loves to play with balls. They like to play and spend time with other dogs. You can engage your dog in activities such as jumping on a platform, playing with hoops and running through tunnels.
  3. For mental stimulation they can play with puzzle toys, scenting games, chewing toys. Chewing toys is a great way to relax dogs. Teaching the dogs how to take commands and obey them. Cavapoos are smart dogs that can learn names and words. When these dogs become old, there is still a need for exercise so that they could be active and alert. Exercise helps in maintaining weight as well.


Cavapoo has a beautiful curly coat. It is a bit of a difficult task. Their coat becomes oily if they are not taken care of. It could be expensive if you take your dog for grooming every week. The best alternative is to take care of the grooming yourself. You can use a brush for combing their coat.

Training and socialization

Cavapoo dogs need early training and socialization. They are capable of learning a number of tricks. They need to accept command at a young age. Training should be done in small sessions. It should be done with positive reinforcement. Giving them treats is the best way to make them do training. You just need to put time and effort and he/she will become the favourite member of the family. While training makes sure they are not put out in heat or cold for a long time. This will also help in identifying and getting the dog comfortable with strangers, other pets and the environment.


The Cavapoo is a mixed breed of poodle and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. They are the happiest dogs a person can get. They are cute and have such beautiful waxy coats. They have big eyes, small noses which make them look adorable. They are family dogs, they crave attention and love close physical contact with their owner. If you want a cheerful and loyal dog along with children friendly, the Cavapoo dog is the perfect choice for you. You are going to love them.