BullDog Lab Mix Dog Breed Information and Pictures

Bullador is a mix breed dog, Bulldog and Labrador being his parents. Like all the mix breeds he will also have characteristics from both their parents. These loyal and playful canine buddies are medium to large in size generally but as this is a new breed, size can vary. One thing to keep in mind is that Bulladors should not be confused with Labrabull – a cross between Labrador retriever and Pit Bull. In spite of the fact that this breed is considered a designer breed, they are usually found in shelters and breed specific rescues, this is the reason why you should adopt them and not waste money on purchasing them plus the ones living in shelters will get a home too. 

If you’re thinking about bringing a bullador under your roof then you should be aware of the fact that he needs to be in company most of the time, you can’t leave him alone in your home for a long period of time as he might get separation anxiety. This mix breed doesn’t need a big lavish home with a big yard. They can live in your small apartments happily as long as they are getting food and exercise everyday (a lot of love too of course). 

Here are some pictures of Bullador which you might like seeing 

History of Bullador

Breeders started mixing Labrador Retrievers and English Bulldogs in the 1990s in North America with a view to minimize the diseases in the new breed that parent breeds were suffering from. Breeders wanted to create a comparatively healthy, friendly and active companion, the demand for these started to grow eventually. Even though it was the designer breed initially but now these pups are found either in shelters or rescue groups.

The English bullador is one of the parent breeds and it is quite an old breed. There are mixed views regarding the origins of this one, some are of the view that they are descendants of a mastiff breed dog and a bug.

Characteristics of a bullador 

  1. Coats of a bullador generally have a blend of two or more colours. The typical colours found in bulladors are black, brown, white, tan and brindle.
  2. Coats of a bullador are short and therefore easily groomed. Brushing it will not be a task for you just once per week should do the job but for allergy sufferers choosing this would not be a good option. 
  3. Although bulladors are active dogs they are prone to gain weight, a good 60 to 90 minutes of brisk walking or any other physical activity becomes a necessity for his well being. 
  4. Bullador can be a companion for your child, thanks to their amiable temperament and size.  
  5. These canine partners cannot tolerate extreme heat or cold that is why they shouldn’t be left alone outdoors for a longer period of time. 
  6. Bulladors don’t generally pick fights with fellow cats and dogs, they are easy going that way. It becomes easy for you to leave them in a creche or with a dog walker whenever you are busy out there earning money or living your life, he will easily get along with other animals. When they are young, they are good in socializing and social situations they will react well if they are ever exposed to different people, sights, sounds, and experiences.

Physical Appearance 

  1. Broad head
  2. Dark brown or hazel eyes
  3. Legs are likely to be longer than those of the bulldog.
  4. Bullador can have a single layer coat and in some conditions a double layer coat which you can only figure out when they are several months old. Double coated dogs have the ability to live in the cold weather conditions. 
  5. Muscular, sturdy body.
  6. Jowly face

Size and Weight of Bullador

English Bulldog is a stout dog and it is medium sized. Adult males are about 50 pounds whereas females are about 40 pounds. They are generally 14-15 inches taller at the withers. 

On the other hand, Labrador retriever males range from 65-80 pounds and females are 55-70 pounds. A male lab’s height is somewhere between 22.5-24.5 inches and a female lab is between 21.5-23.5 inches. 

As mentioned above that the bullador is a new breed and their sizes can therefore vary, they can be smaller or larger than average but there is a standard size. Bullador is a medium sized dog that can weigh somewhere between 50 to 90 pounds and can range in height from 17 to 20 inches at the shoulder. 

Personality traits 

  1. Bulladors are generally very friendly dogs because of their Labrador parent but they still have a hint of reservation because of their Bulldog parent. 
  2. When it comes to physical activity they lie in the middle, however they are more active than the English Bulldog and slightly less active than the Labrador. Labradors are more active than the English Bulldog. These observations are done by professionals still there is no hard and strict rule for this. 
  3. Around children, Bulladors are easy to mingle. If in any case a child bothers them they will silently walk away, although you shouldn’t leave your child with your dog ever. 
  4. They are prone to catching small creatures and birds if left in a big yard, so you should fence your yard properly and make sure that he doesn’t harm small critters or birds. You should fence your yard properly because they can take off when they are caught up in this much excitement. 

Coat of a Bullador

The Bulldog has short, flat and smooth coat and it sheds but comparatively less than a Lab. The labrador retriever has a double coat, the undercoat being the thick one and it sheds too, the upper coat is short. 

You can expect a Bullador to have a short and dense coat. Commonly found colors are red, white, fawn, and fallow—in any mix breed. Markings may include brindle, brindle and white and piebald. 

Point to be noted here is that if you are an allergy sufferer then this dog is not a good choice for you. The Coats of a Bullador are short that is why they are not suitable for extreme weather conditions and if he is like his English Bulldog parent then his face will be pushed in which will prove to be even problematic. They should not be left in the open in extra cold or extra hot weather. 

When you groom him, look for sores, rashes or any signs of infection. If there is any redness, tenderness, or inflammation around his ears, nose, mouth and eyes or on the feet. The end result should be that ears should smell good, get rid of that wax or gunk inside his ears, eyes should be clear as well, there should not be any kind of redness or discharge from his eyes, clean the corners of his eyes. 

Temperament of a Bullador

Since both the parents are friendly and loving that is why the product of English Bulldog and Labrador is a dog with extremely good temperament. In fact Bullador is known for their loving, pleasant and loyal nature. They are always on their toes when it comes to pleasing someone. As mentioned above Bulldog Lab mix pups enjoy themselves a lot when they are with kids and I don’t have to tell you that a dog who is good with kids is a dog with the best temperament. Training and socialisation comes first for your dog’s overall behaviour and temperament. 

How much enthusiasm will your Bullador have

Bulldogs are calm and Labs are full of enthusiasm so what will be the result of mixing them up. How enthusiastic can you expect your Bullador to be? Will he be a couch potato like most Bulldogs are or he will accompany you in your trips on vacation?

Bulldogs have much less enthusiasm compared to labs. They need regular walks with a moderate amount of exercise and play. The reason identified is because they have short noses and they can’t breathe properly if they indulge in exercise for a longer period of time.  

However, Labradors are over enthusiastic dogs, most dog owners choose lab pups to be their companion if they want an outdoorsy dog who enjoy going out. They love being in water and will jump in the water as soon as he sees even a puddle.   

So, what will happen to your Bullador pup?

 Well, that will depend on whom he favours from his both the parents in physical appearance and energy levels. If he is more like a Labrador retriever then you can expect his energy levels to be over the top. He will need exercise and interactive play sessions. On the other hand if he is like the English Bulldog then a moderate amount of exercise should suffice. 

You need to monitor if your bullador is closer to Bulldog or Lab, what his temperament, head shape and body type is like. If his nose is short then his activity levels should be less in cold and hot weather. 

The problem arises when the Bullador pup is full of enthusiasm but he has a short nose. In this case he wants to play and do other fun activities but is unable to do them because of his physical inability. This kind of pup will grow to be an unhappy and depressed dog. 

What health conditions can you expect?

Like Bullador pups have acquired all the good traits from both of their parent breeds their genes will also carry the health issues from their parents to their canine puppies. So, you will have to take good care for their health. Some of the health conditions that you can expect in your bullador pups are following,

  1. Skin Problems
  2. Breathing Difficulty
  3. Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
  4. Obesity

English Bulldogs have folds in their skin, so if your Bullador pup has these folds in his skin then you need to clean him up from time to time as the dirt can settle in these folds and it can create some serious skin problems because of improper sanitation. 

Presenting your dog with treats will be fun and all until he gains weight to a level where it will be problematic. He can face health issues like obesity which can later on cause other health problems. Instead of unhealthy options like chocolates and candies for treats, make it a habit for him to accept and enjoy healthy options like chopped carrots and celery. 

How will you take care of him?

If you have chosen that Bullador will be your dog then you need to know the following things, these will come in handy in taking good care for him,

  1. Veterinary check ups become necessary when you decide that you want to be a dog owner as they can tell you about his health conditions. A professional piece of advice from your vet will be really helpful, he can even help you with making a care routine for your dog. 
  2. Labradors can gain extra weight, you need to keep a check on his kilos. He will need a good 60 to 90 minutes for brisk walking to maintain his weight and health. How much exercise he will need will also depend upon which parent’s genes will dominate. 
  3. When you start hearing the voice of your dog’s long nails against the floor remember to trim them, it can be done once or twice a month. You can even ask a groomer to help with it but if you have a tight budget don’t shy doing it yourself. 
  4. One of the time taking jobs in taking care of a dog is brushing their teeth. You will have to do it thrice a week. Your vet can help you in teaching you how to do it properly. 
  5. Use a damp cloth for cleaning those folds in his skin, as mentioned above they will be hard to clean that is why your canine buddy will be needing your assistance in this task. 
  6. If you find your dog strangely scooting then it can be a problem, he may need his anal glands expressed. It can cost you some money but seeing a professional vet for this condition will be good for your pups health. 

What will you feed him? 

A bullador is supposed to be an active, medium to large sized dog. So, he will definitely need high quality food. Both the parents, English Bulldog and Labrador retriever tend to overeat, so you can expect your Bullador pup to overeat as well. The solution for this problem can be looking for kibble that has high meat in high quantities rather than fillers (like carbohydrates and grains) because he will keep eating until he feels full. Both the parent breeds are prone to hip dysplasia and joint issues, food that includes glucosamine as a main ingredient will be helpful in this condition.

You should look for a food retailer accordingly, this way your dog will have proper nutrition. Bulladors have a tendency to gain extra weight as they eat a lot, you should plan his meal accordingly. Treats he is getting should be less and less. As Bulldogs can suffer from bloating do not even think about taking your Bullador pup to exercise after he is finished with his meal. 

As eating habits change when size, weight and physical activities change. Your dog will have a different nutrition requirement when he is in his years than he was a puppy. Ask your vet to help you in making a diet plan for your dog according to his weight, size, age and physical activities as there is no hard and strict diet that suits every dog. Every dog is special. 

Children and Bulladors 

Bulladors can be excellent companions for your kids because of their amiable and social nature. Another add on is their size which makes them approachable for children. If your kid annoys him then there are chances that he will quietly walk away because that’s what they usually do when they get annoyed but still you should teach your kid how to treat a dog or any other pet for that matter. Always supervise how your kid is touching and approaching a dog to make sure that there is no biting or ear pulling from both the ends. Teach your kids that they should never take away dog’s food and not disturb them when they are sleeping or eating. Teaching these things to your kids will be good for your dog and your kid as well. It will make him grow as an individual, he will learn that he/she shouldn’t mistreat animals.   

When it comes to fellow animals Bulladors are very friendly, especially around cats and dogs. They do not pick fights every second. It can be a bit difficult with new dogs but once they get a hang of it then it becomes easy.