Basset Hound Lab Mix Dog Breed Pictures and Information

A cross between the Basset Hound and Labrador retriever created a new mix breed which is commonly known as ‘Bassador’, ‘Basador’ and some people even call them ‘Bassetdor’ and ‘Bassetlab’. They are loyal and stubborn pups who have inherited traits from both of their parent breeds like all the mix-breed dogs. 

It is a new breed compared to other mix-breed dogs, only appeared in the last few decades. Although it’s a new and designer breed they are very often found in shelter homes so do adopt them don’t consider buying them.  

In this article, we’ll discuss the physical characteristics, expected health problems, and in general, what this new breed will act like in case you are thinking about welcoming this breed’s dog into your own home. You will find out by the end of this article if this is your dog or not.

Basset Hound Lab

So if you want a ‘sniffer’ who is short and loyal to the fault, Bassador can be your dog. They love to roam around in a big space and please people around them to get their attention. They are a product of two very different breeds so their living conditions will depend on an individual dog. 

History of Bassadors

The Bassador is a relatively new mix breed that came into existence only in the late 1990s or early 2000s likely in North America. The Basset Hound and Labrador Retriever are two absolutely opposite breeds so we will need to first study them before running to know about their product that is Bassadors. 

The Labrador Retriever is the most loved dog, he was first developed in Canada so that he can do some help for the fisherman. Being the most loved, outgoing dog this breed was on the verge of extinction in the 1880s but thankfully female labradors were culled from litters in Canada due to the high tax rates. As well known by everyone this breed is a great companion when it comes to hunting, they gained popularity for this very reason and eventually, they were imported to England and America by this time. Labradors are family dogs, they are good with kids and fellow pets usually as they are easy-going that way. They are the top dogs in the U.S., Canada, and England for many many years now. 

Basset Hound has their origins in France, they were suitable for hunting as they could sniff like no other dog’s breed was able to, they were short-legged, they were large, their mouths were deep with a small head that had long ears. Back in those days, not everyone could afford a horse for hunting purposes so basset Hounds were almost perfect. They became more and more popular during the reign of Napoleon III, he in fact had bronze sculptors of his beloved Bassets made which were later to be exhibited at the Paris Salon. The popularity of Basset Hounds grew in the 1960s because of the introduction of Hushpuppies. 

About their size

As the Bassadors are a relatively new breed there is no hard and strict size they come in but Labrador Retriever and Basset Hound being the parent breeds you can expect a dog who will be medium to large-sized. 

With that being said the standard weight of Bassadors is between 45-70 pounds and they range in height from 13-20 inches to shoulder. They can be larger or shorter than this, it can be different with every individual dog.

About Bassetdor personality 

Both Labrador Retriever and Basset Hound are good at being companions, they absolutely love being around humans as they crave attention and cannot be left alone for a very long period of time as they might get separation anxiety. She can be prone to barking and howling, she’s a part hound after all and you might expect complaints from your neighborhood. This trait can even be an advantage for you because Bassadors also have a trait from their Labrador parent which is high alert barking, mixing these two traits together whenever there will be some emergency in your apartment like a break in your Bassador will start his alarm barking and you will know it. This was the motive for mixing the two breeds together, Right? So that you get the best of both worlds. 

Bassador enthusiasts describe them to be outgoing and friendly dogs but if your Bassador has more of his Basset Hound parent in him than Labrador Retriever there are chances that he will hesitate in front of strangers but a little training can help him pass this hurdle as well. Labrador Retrievers are excellent at socializing even with strangers so if your Bassador has more Labrador Retrievers in him then he will be getting along with literally everyone. 

Both the parent breeds have strong prey drives so Bassadors will probably need training for being around other animals like cats and dogs. So if you have other pets in your house he may take some time to be friends with them. They have a thing for scent, they will follow some scent and will do problematic things while doing it and this happens because of the same prey drive. Problematic things he will do can include digging the soil to find out the source of scent or tugging on their leash. Of Course, this prey can be controlled with the help of some training or a professional. 

There might be slight differences in the male and female Bassadors, the male ones are slightly heavy due to higher muscle mass and female ones are prone to gain weight when they get into their senior years.

About Bassetlab appearance

  1. Bassador will have some things from their Labrador Retriever parent and some things from their Basset Hound parent, some can prefer either of their parents more. Let’s have a look at the characteristics of both the parent’s appearances.
  2. Labrador Retrievers have floppy ears and really expressive eyes, they may appear sad and thoughtful. Their coat is short and thick with a chunky tail. They can weigh somewhere between 50-80 lbs. Their height lies somewhere between  21-25 inches. They usually come in three colors: black, yellow, and chocolate brown.
  3. The Basset Hound being a pure breed still has a variety of different appearances. They have short legs, long back, and a deep chest. They generally have two or three colors on their coat. Commonly found colors are black, white, brown, lemon, red, tan, and blue. They weigh somewhere between 40-65 lbs and range from 12-15 inches tall.
  4. Bassador hybrids have short and sturdy legs, this is why they are low to the ground. The front paws turn out slightly as well. The muzzle is long and thin and their ears are slightly longer than a Labrador but shorter than a Basset Hound. The Bassadors are longer than they are tall.
  5. Their coats are generally short, dense, and usually seen in solid colors like black and brown that is why they are more tolerable to extreme weather in hot and cold. However, they can feel overheated on extremely hot days so make sure to keep them cool on extremely hot days.
  6. The Colour of their coats depends upon their Basset Hound and Labrador Retriever parents’ coats. A yellow Labrador parent mixed with a Basset Hound will give Bassador will have a white coat with patches of black, brown, and yellow.
  7. Since their coats are thick they shed a lot too and they are prone to getting stinky easily so regular bathing is needed to keep the doggy odor away. If he has a wrinkly face he will be needing some extra cleaning in these folds on his face otherwise dirt can get in there.

About Bassetlab health

With all the good things, the little bad comes with it. You need to be fully aware of the health problems that your Bassador might suffer from if you decide that he is going to be your dog. You don’t have to worry most of them are healthy but like all the dogs they too will be needing those regular health checkups and some care to remain healthy.

There might be some medical conditions that Bassadors will inherit from both of their parent breeds. So, before mentioning the possible health problems of a Bassador, here are some health problems commonly suffered by Labrador Retriever,

  1. Patellar luxation
  2. Cruciate disease
  3. Hip dysplasia
  4. Diabetes mellitus
  5. Gastric torsion/bloat

After Labrador Retriever following are the problems suffered by the Basset Hound,

  1. Panosteitis
  2. Eye Disease: Entropion/Ectropion, keratitis, glaucoma, lens luxation
  3. Dystocia
  4. Cervical vertebral malformation
  5. Malassezia dermatitis
  6. Urolithiasis

Health Problems that your Bassador might suffer from can be one of the above mentioned. With that being said the common health problems Bassadors suffer from are:

  1. Hip Dysplasia
  2. Back injuries
  3. Glaucoma
  4. Bloat

Talking about the life expectancy Basset Hound lives for 12-13 years, Labrador Retriever lives for 10-12 years and the Bassador lives for 10-12 years. This depends heavily on many factors such as weight, health, nutrition, exercise, and breeding.

The Basset Hounds are open to injuries like slipped disks because of their short legs and a long spine. Joint diseases like arthritis and the risk of conformational deformity are found in Basset Hound as well because their short legs put stress on limb joints.

Unlike Basset Hound the Labrador Retriever is an agile dog, it doesn’t suffer from conformation deformities. However, no information is true for all dogs’ health conditions depending on many factors like nutrition and exercise of an individual dog.

If his back is long like a Basset Hound it can be a problem, teach your kids not to sit on his back. Make sure it doesn’t hurt him when he tries to sit on the couch, having steps for the couch will be good otherwise he can hurt his back when he tries to jump from it. This shape can be a little uncomfortable to take care of.

You should do a blood check-up before adopting a dog to make sure he is healthy.

About Bassetlab Care Routine

The first and foremost advice would be to take your dog to his vet from time to time to know about any possible health problems he might be suffering and your vet can advise you with the care routine for him according to your dog’s weight, size, and habits.

The biggest problem you might face with this breed’s dog is maintaining a healthy weight. As both of the parent breed, Basset Hound and Labrador retriever like to munch almost all the time and they are prone to gain weight to an extent when it is not healthy for their body. There are higher chances that your Bassador will also eat extra and will gain unhealthy weight so you need to monitor his eating portions and the amount of physical activity he does. A good half an hour to an hour walk becomes a necessity for a healthy body for this breed.

Sanitation should be important as well, you shouldn’t take this lightly as unclean ears can result badly, always check for debris and pests and clean them on a daily basis as recommended by your vet. As this breed has long ears it will be easier for dirt to stay in there. His nails should be short and clean. Always remember trimming them once or twice per month. If you’re an experienced dog carer then you will find no problem in doing this yourself otherwise you can always ask for help from your groomer, if you decide to do it yourself keep in mind that you don’t cut too low because otherwise there are blood vessels and he might bleed. Brushing your Bassador’s teeth should be a daily ritual.  


All this grooming will keep clean and there will be no bad odor but bathing is needed with a hypoallergenic shampoo but make sure you do not do this too frequently otherwise, his natural oils will strip from the body and it can cause Dermatitis as all these shampoos nowadays contain chemicals. After the bathing part, you can use a damp face cloth for drying him up, the wrinkles may need some drying too. In case this isn’t enough for them try cornstarch or baby powder next time, this might be more efficient in keeping him dry. 

The Bassador hybrid shed moderately to heavily according to season so you have to be ready with the brushes. This dog requires daily brushing preferably with a stiff brush and a hound mitt as it removes dead and loose hair. This is not a hypoallergenic breed. 

About Bassador food

A Bassador’s diet should be designed for a medium-sized dog with high energy. As mentioned above like both the parent breeds Bassador himself is prone to gain weight if they are overfed. You will have to monitor his munching and treats so that he can stick to a healthy diet plan which can be made with the help of his vet. 

Like all dogs, the Bassador’s need for food will change at different stages of life from being a pup to a full-grown dog and will continue to change in his senior years. While planning a diet for him keep factors like weight, age, energy, and others in mind. 

Fresh drinking water should always be available to him to protect him from getting dehydrated. A piece of gross information is that Bassadors drools so you might need a handkerchief when she drinks or eats. Additional joint supplements like glucosamine can be beneficial for him, although ask your vet before giving him these supplements.  

With other children and pets 

Bassadors can make amazing family pets if they have more of their Labrador Retriever parent in them as Labrador Retrievers are very outgoing and amiable. Even after this information is given by professionals your children still should know how to behave and interact with dogs. Some basic teachings can include not to take their food while they are still eating and not to disturb them while sleeping. All these things should be kept in mind for the safety of your kids and your dog. 

As Bassadors have a higher prey drive, Bassador may be prone to chasing other pets, usually cats. Slow introduction with other pets especially cats and some training for being around other pets will be helpful in this case. As the Bassador demands a lot of attention, they also sometimes prefer to be the sole pet in the household. 

With monitored socialization, many Bassador happily live with other dogs and cats. In the end what matters is training, socialization, and a little luck.

About Bassador Activity Requirement 

A Basset Hound Lab mix can have a quiet range when it comes to physical exercise he can be very enthusiastic if he leans more towards the Labrador parent. In this case, she will be needing a good amount of exercise but if he favors his Basset Hound parent more, then a moderate amount of exercise should suffice. You will have to take him for a walk someday to check his enthusiasm levels and remember he has a hound in him and they have a prey drive so he will be going after scents when you take him out do remember to keep a leash on it. You will have to take him out of the house once a day for a short walk otherwise he might not feel great in your closed apartment. 

A high-speed game of fetch of a battle of tug of war will add some fun to their day. A good 30-60 minutes workout will be needed, You need to think about the cost of time that is going to be made by you.

About Bassador Training 

Training should come easy because of his intelligence that comes from his Labrador parent, he will be quick to learn things but if you’re a little out of luck and got a Bassador who has stubbornness from his Basset Hound parent then it can be a problem sometimes. However, you don’t have to worry this is the time when treats come in handy and you can make the sessions short. You will have to act as a pack leader who is consistent, positive, and doesn’t lose his temper easily because if you lose your temper in front of him then your tone will be enough for him to sense it and he will not continue with the training. You will need to be very patient and not get frustrated. All this training should be started with the second they set their foot in your house.