31 Dog Outing Ideas and Places

Dogs are like people they need to get out of the house to enjoy life. There are plenty of places you can take your dog for an outing. Keep reading to find out where you can go and what you can do once you arrive.

1. A Walkthrough your Neighborhood

Walking your dog through your neighborhood is the simplest way to get them outside of the home. You can walk your dog around your block. You can also take them a few blocks away to a local park. A walk through your neighborhood is probably the easiest way to get your dog outside and active.

2. Go on a Bike Ride with your Dog

Bike riding is another great activity you can do with your dog. If you own a bike, you ride it while your dog walks along with a leash. Remember not to ride your bike too fast, otherwise, you’re going to tire out your pooch with all of that running. You can do this activity on a bike trail or neighborhood.

3. Dogs like to Jog and Run Too

People that like to jog or run should take their dog along. You should run on trails or jog on the street. Run at a good pace for your dog so you won’t tire them out. Don’t run too far from you unless you’re driving. High energy dogs will love this movement.

4. Dog Parks for your Canine

Dog parks are literally hangout spots for canines. You should find a local dog park and visit it at least once a month with your furry pet. Your dog should love interacting with their own kind. If they have a problem, get them used to be around other dogs.

5. Visit a Pet Store

Some pet stores will allow pet owners to shop with their dogs. Taking your dog shopping is a great way for them to get out. Make sure your dog is well behaved out in public and candle being around other pets.

6. Beach Fun with your Dog

If you are fortunate enough to live next to a beach, then go there with your dog. Beaches make a great place for dogs to explore. You can them run around on the sand and play in the water. Just make sure they’re not harassing other beachgoers.

7. Walk your Dog through the Woods

If you really want to take your dog to a special place, then walk them through the woods. The woods are filled with life. Your dog will probably have their senses overloaded so make sure they are on a leash.

8. Boat Trips for your Dog

You can take a boat trip for your dog. Riding a boat will be a new experience for your pooch. They might like it but then again, they might not. Just make sure you keep your dog under control, so they don’t jump overboard.

9. Take a Dog Trek through the Snow

When the snow falls during the winter, get your dog outside and let them travel through it. This will be a great experience for your pet.

They will get to interact with this element and have a blast. Just make sure to keep the walk short to keep their paws from freezing.

10. Visit a Pet-Friendly Hotel

Businesses know how much people like their pets. Some hotels understand this desire. This is why they create pet-friendly rooms for people to stay. You can find a local pet-friendly hotel in your area and visit this place with your hound.

11. Go to a Doggy Birthday Bash

Dogs like to party too. Some pet owners will actually have birthday parties for their puppies. If you are invited take your dog to have a good time. Just make sure you show up with an invitation. This should be great fun for your dog and you.

12. Travel to a Special Location for a Selfie Shoot with your Dog

You can take selfies of your dog and you at a special location. Just travel out to this special place within your community or in another part of the city. Once you find this location, pull out your camera and start taking pics of you and your dog. Your pooch should like this activity.

13. Take Your Pet to Work

Did you know that there is a Take your Pet to Work Day and a Take your Pet to Work Week? There is also a Take your Dog to Work Day.

Wow, dogs now have their own special designated days where they can go to work with you. Make sure your business honors these days before you show up with your dog.

14. Doggy Spas for your Pets

You can take your dog to a local doggy spa for a day of relaxation and pampering. Doggy spas allow your dogs to be treated to special washing, rubbings, and grooming. Dogs usually like this activity and it is a great way for them to try something new.

15. Travel to a Massage Clinic for Dogs

There are some specialized businesses that offer massages to dogs. These businesses typically hire qualified personnel to massage dogs.

This is a great form of therapy and stress release. It is also used for healing purposes. Dogs can enjoy this activity just like humans.

16. The Dog Groomers

You should routinely take your dog to be groomed. This activity will not only make them look good, but it will be good for their health. Dogs can get their nails cut, their fur trimmed and brushed and even their teeth brushed. What dog wouldn’t want to partake in this event?

17. Doga for Doggies

Did you know that there is such a thing as yoga for dogs? They call it “doga”. This yoga activity for dogs is designed to relieve stress and refocus pets. You can visit a local kennel association or business that offers this service to experience this activity.

18. Go to a Restaurant for Dogs

There are restaurants that cater to dogs and their masters. These eating establishments serve menu items for dogs and people. Don’t worry, they usually prepare meals for dogs and people in separate places. This is a great way for you to take your dog out to eat on the weekend.

19. Pet-Friendly Coffee Shops

They do have pet-friendly coffee shops. These businesses will allow you to grab a cup of joe while treating your dog to their own special drink: it’s called water. Some pet-friendly coffee shops will serve special drinks for dogs as well.

20. Parade Time for your Dog

Pet parades are commonly held throughout the year for dogs. Many cities have their own pet parades for pooches. They have them for a Halloween and they have them for pet owners who want to just show off their pooches. You can also take your dog to watch a public parade. They’ll enjoy that too.

21. Trick-or-Treating with Pooch

There are some communities and businesses that will cater to trick-or-treating for dogs. They will allow you to travel around to different businesses with your pooch and get doggy treats instead of candy. You can even dress your dog up for this event.

22. Halloween Party with your Canine

Some people and businesses have Halloween parties for pets. These costume events are fun for people and their pets. Halloween parties are a great way for you to dress up your pet and get them out to socialize with other dogs.

23. Visit a Fireworks Show with your Canine

Visit a firework show with your dog. They will like the excitement and the people. However, they might not be too crazy about the loud booming sound of the fireworks display. Still, your dog should have a good time, just keep them on a leash.

24. Take them to see Santa

If your dog has been good this year, you can take them to see Santa. There are some Santa’s that will dress up exclusively for Santa. Dogs can receive on the spot presents from Santa and his helpers. This activity is good fun for pets.

25. Nursing Home Visits and your Dog

Some nursing homes will allow people to bring their pets inside their facility. You will have to make sure that you get permission before you arrive. Make sure that your dog is trained and sociable with people. This way they can interact with residents without a problem.

26. Picnics with Pooch

Dogs like to go to the park to eat. They do enjoy picnics. You can take your dog out to eat on a blanket. A picnic provides a great way for dogs to enjoy the great outdoors. They can eat on a blanket and run around catching frisbees. A dog picnic can be fun and entertaining.

27. Road Trips with your Dog

Road trips are fun. Taking your dog along is better. Some dogs get car sick. If your dog doesn’t then take them for a road trip during the summer or during the holidays. Road trips are fun for dogs can be fun and entertaining. Your dog will probably like hanging their heads out of the window while driving by.

28. Flying with your Pooch

Pooches can also fly. Some flights will allow pooches to travel in their cargo hold. You can even schedule a flight for your dog on a private plane where they can sit with you. Flying makes a very interesting experience for your dog. Many dogs don’t fly, and it will be an unusual thing for them to do.

29. Travel to California

California has lots of great places for pets to visit. You can travel to this state to a local pet-friendly place during your stay. There are special parks, restaurants, and special events for dog owners. Cities such as San Francisco and Lake Tahoe offer excellent dog events and activities.

Dogs can even run around Yosemite National Park. They can roam the range with a leash and engage with nature along the trails. Many spots in California are considered a doggy playground for pets. You should schedule a trip here for your dog and you whenever you can.

30. Colorado Tourist Trips with your Dog

The state of Colorado has a lot of natural scenery that is suited for dogs. Pets can travel through the rugged terrain or mountainous territory. There are also meadows, creeks, forests, and plains. Places such as Buffalo Peaks, Great Sands Dunes National Park and Winter Park provides fun for dogs.

Colorado is also known for its snowy tundra. This state’s natural scenery makes it one of the best areas of the country for tourists to visit with their canine. There is a lot for pets and their humans do when they get to Colorado. You should travel there and tour the area with your dog.

31. The other Great States for Dogs

There are plenty of other great states for dogs to visit. Places such as Arizona, Alaska, and Montana are highly rated for pets. These places are fun places because of their environments. There are lots of open spaces and fresh territories for dogs to explore.

Montana’s mountain ranges are awe-inspiring for humans. Once a dog sees them, they will probably go crazy from so much overstimulation. Arizona deserts can be fun for dogs and the breathtaking snowy plains in Alaska are exceptional places for you to visit with your pup.

Other states such as Florida, New York, and Virginia offer dog terraces and special areas for dogs to roam and have fun. You can even travel to other parts of the world to places such as the U.K., Canada, and Italy to have fun with your dog. There are many pet-friendly places within those nations as well.


Ultimately, there are a lot of places you can visit with your dog. If you ever think about the places where to take your dog for an outing, don’t forget about the ones listed here. Your dog and you will probably be glad that you visited at least one place on this list.


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